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When you work with Theresa Strickland, you get an individualized experience that’s focused on you achieving your goals and getting you meaningful results that focus on positive, forward movement. Regardless of the coaching package you choose, the tools and coaching techniques used will be customized to your specific situation, style, and aspirations. Theresa and her associate coaches strive to develop a program that is flexible, focused, and results oriented.

Signing a Contract


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What is constant from client to client is the coaching process.


Here’s what you can expect after you decide that coaching is right for you:

  • We begin with a “New Client Intake Session” that focuses on our mutual agreement and expectations. The Coach will learn more about you, your goals for the program, and as needed, an assessment (values, DiSC profile, client intake form, 360 Feedback, etc.) may be involved here, or suggested to further clarify your goals, and we will determine how to measure success for your program.

  • From there, we will have our agreed upon schedule of coaching sessions via video conferencing, or in person based on client preference and location. A typical session consists of the following:

    • ​The Coach checking in with you on your current state and how you did with completing your action items from our previous conversation. No judgement here ---only support!

    • Learning what you’d like to gain from the session in support of your overall goal.

    • Talking through that day’s topic to support you in generating ideas and actions to take.

    • Working with you to identify the next steps you are committed to taking.

    • Asking for feedback on how the session went and what adjustments can be provided.

    • Lastly, for our final session, the coach will ask you to share what you gained from the coaching experience and we’ll measure how you did against the goals decided upon at the beginning of the program. We will also discuss next steps to keep your own development progressing forward.

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Keep in mind that coaching is not the same as mentoring, meaning the coach will not give you direct advice (though we may recommend resources and assign a bit of “homework” at times).

What the coach will do is ask you a lot of questions to elicit the answers that are inherently within you. The Coaches job is to draw those answers from you so you can decide what to do next, setting goals and milestones along the way that you feel you can confidently achieve.


With career transition or job search strategy coaching, with the clients permission, the coach will coach, advise, and provide direct feedback regarding resume development, mock interviews, offer negotiation, and skill development sessions. 


Theresa and her associate coaches are passionate about helping you make changes that impact you no matter what your goals may be. They will always focus on helping you to make the positive changes you desire in your personal or professional life. A coaching relationship takes dedication by both parties, so get ready to work, focus, have fun, change your perspective, and achieve your goals!

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