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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a confidential, powerful, and collaborative partnership designed to help the client achieve their professional and personal goals. The coaching process brings about extraordinary and sustainable results to ensure ongoing development. It is customized to help leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to their organization.

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Here's What You Can Expect

  • Leadership Assessments

    • A variety of assessment tools (i.e. Client Intake, 360 Feedback, Values, Energy Leadership Index, etc.) are available to help identify and create awareness to ensure the client is focused on developing the most critical skills to reach their goals.

  • Personalized Development Plan 

    •  A defined action plan for development will be established early in the coaching process. 

  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly Coaching Sessions

    • Sessions are determined by the coach and client and to ensure regularity in the process.

  • Support via Phone or Email Between Sessions

    • As questions and obstacles surface between coaching sessions, support is provided.

  • Leadership Tools & Resources

    • Leadership concepts, relevant books and articles, laser coaching exercises are shared in the coaching process depending on the needs of the individual. 

  • On the Job Observation (if appropriate)

    • Each engagement is different and designed to meet the needs of the leader. Special requests for observing a leader or talking with colleagues do come up per the request of the client or sponsor company.

  • Alignment/Feedback Meetings with Manager (if appropriate)

    • The coaching relationship is between the coach and the leader and is confidential. If a corporate sponsor requests meetings or information, the parameters of the discussion will be defined in advance and will be limited to what is agreed upon. 

  • Final Report and Evaluation

    • We will reflect on what you gained from the coaching experience and measure how you did against your goals. We’ll discuss next steps for your continued development.


Benefits of Working With an

Executive Coach

Working with an Executive Coach will accelerate how fast you can reach your goal(s), no matter what the goal is. When working with a coach, leaders have the opportunity to work through obstacles and opportunities to support their personal and professional growth. Clients often:

  • Improve their leadership skills and accelerate their performance

  • Increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Enhance their interactions with their team

  • Improve relationships across the organization

  • Achieve business results more quickly 

  • Impact their organizations productivity and success

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Build greater satisfaction and enjoyment in their daily work life

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Regardless of the coaching program you choose, the tools and coaching techniques used will be customized to your specific situation, style, and aspirations. Theresa and her associate coaches strive to develop a program that is flexible, focused, and results oriented. 

  • Short-Term Coaching:  Five to Eight Sessions, with the coaching process lasting two to four months. The focus is on a specific topic or area of development that can be addressed in a short period of time. 

  • Long-Term Coaching: 12 to 18 Sessions, with the coaching process lasting six to nine months. The focus is on multiple goals allowing for in-depth outcomes. 

    • Sample Topics for Coaching:  Leadership Skills Development based on client defined and/or 360 feedback, Executive Presence, Leading with Authenticity, Developing a Strategic Mindset, Influence and Cross Organizational Collaboration, Goal Setting, Team Building, and more.

Ready to get started?

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