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Creating goodwill through Outplacement / Career Transition Services for Departing Employees

Downsizing your organization or letting go of great talent is never easy, however it sometimes happens for business reasons outside of your control. We partner with you to design a program for communicating and/or supporting your employees to ensure a smooth transition. We understand how to coach people through the change process and help them successfully move forward in their careers.

Our Career Transition Coaching gives your most important departing professionals group or individually tailored coaching to help them move successfully to their next opportunity. The way people depart an organization can become a driver of its future success. Every former employee is a potential future customer, client or partner and offering meaningful Career Transition Coaching to departing employees demonstrates goodwill for your organization.

What your employees will learn through 1:1 Coaching or Group Workshops:

  • Managing the transition

  • Implementing a smart job search campaign

  • Resume, LinkedIn, Cover letter insights

  • Networking, job search tools, and outreach

  • Interview preparation / Mock interviews

  • Negotiating the offer

  • Getting started in a new role

“Theresa’s career transition coaching knowledge and experience is extensive. Early in her career she worked with Lee Hecht Harrison, a National Career Management firm coaching professionals with their career transitions and leading workshops on how to run an effective job search. She has been instrumental in setting up corporate career centers, leading job search and interview workshops and facilitating job search work teams. Having spent ten years in the staffing industry sourcing and hiring employees, and building recruitment and talent acquisition teams to scale software and high tech organizations, her knowledge of best practices has been constant and continues to evolve.” 

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