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Management Training & Development

Whether a person is new to management, a new manager to your company or needs further leadership skills development, we offer programs to help your​ managers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage people.

New Manager Onboarding Programs

Time to proficiency as a new manager is important. We work with you to custom design programs to support your managers in the early part of their new role. Sample programs include:

  • Expectations of Being a Manager

  • New Manager Assimilation Process

Core Management Skills Training & Facilitation

The fundamentals of managing people and teams can include

  • Hiring & Interviewing

  • Setting Direction, Goals, and Aligning to Company Strategy

  • Performance Management

  • Effective Communications / Coaching / Giving  Feedback 

  • Team Development / Organizational Influence / Effective Meeting Management

  • Career Development

Sample Manager Training Modules : 60 - 90 Minute Modules

  • Defining and Understanding Expectations of Great Managers/Leaders

  • Managing for Success Through the Employee Lifecycle

  • Developing Best Practices for Hiring in Today’s Market

  • Effective Communication skills: Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Shifting the Mindset from Traditional Manager to Coaching Manager

  • Managing for Performance (Goal Setting, Performance Discussions & More)

  • Developing and Engaging Your Employees Through Career Conversations

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Leadership Development Training & Facilitation

Leadership Development

  • We facilitate custom offsite programs, team building, and a series of communication workshops.

  • Leadership Training topics include: Leading with Authenticity, Coaching Skills for Leaders, Managing Workstyle Differences using DiSC, Feedback & Accountability, Team Building, Effective Meeting Management, and more.

  • Leadership Team 360 Feedback, Team Building and Coaching programs for Senior Leaders.

Training is customized to meet the needs of the organization and is delivered in partial day or full day workshops. Workshops can be delivered on a one time basis, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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