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Theresa Strickland provides Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, and HR Advisory services to professionals and startup or scaling businesses across all industries . Whether you’re a  professional seeking a new career opportunity, a promotion, or you are a seasoned leader looking to develop yourself further, our coaching services will help you achieve your desired results. And if you are a growing business preparing to develop and scale your talent, or are looking to build out your people operations and strategy, or wanting to develop your leaders, we can help you succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized services and how Theresa Strickland can serve you.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Develop Your Leaders

Coaching is a confidential, powerful, and collaborative partnership designed to help the client achieve their professional and personal goals. The coaching model and process brings about extraordinary and sustainable results to ensure ongoing development. It is customized to help leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to their organization. Coaches are iPEC and/or ICF Certified.

Career Coaching

Find Your Ideal Opportunity

With years of experience in recruiting, hiring, training, and advising professionals in their careers, we’re ready to help you define and execute a job search campaign to ensure a successful career transition. We combine our insights on how to identify and/or transform your values, skills, and interests into your ideal job or career. More importantly we meet you where you are at in your job search. We support all aspects of the career transition process - Resume Development, Social Media Profiles, Networking, Interview Skills Training, Defining a Personal Marketing Plan, Negotiating Offers, and more.  We’re proud to help shape your ideal career path and to develop a short or long term plan for you to achieve personal success in your career.

HR Advisory Services

Work With Experts

With years of experience in managing countless HR Projects for scaling startups, from recruiting and hiring your first employee to scaling your operations, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. We combine our insights on how to hire and grow your talent to building out and transforming your people operations projects, processes, and strategies, all aligned with your company vision. We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their talent and people operations.

Company Career Transition Services

Help Your Departing Employees Be Successful

Career Transition Coaching (Outplacement Services) give your most important departing professionals group or individually tailored coaching to help them move successfully to their next opportunity. The way people depart an organization can become a driver of its future success. Every former employee is a potential future customer, client or partner, and offering meaningful Career Transition Coaching to departing employees demonstrates goodwill for your organization. We design programs to help employers provide a smooth exit and transition support process while giving your departing employees the skills and support they need to make a successful transition.

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